Business View Caribbean | July 2019

53 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN JULY 2019 T he South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA) is the largest of four Regional Health Authorities in Jamaica formed by passage of the National Health Services Act in 1997. The Authority is managed by a team of directors, led by the Regional Director, who reports to a Board appointed by the Minister of Health. SERHA’s mandate is vast and far- reaching –delivering health care services to the residents of St. Catherine, St. Thomas, Kingston, and St. Andrew (47 percent of the population of Jamaica) through a network of nine (9) hospitals and ninety-one (91) health centres. Five of the nine hospitals are also specialist or National Referral Hospitals, which accept patients from other regions and other Caribbean countries. SERHA is a major job provider in Jamaica, employing approximately 7,000 people from a variety of medical and non-medical groups, including nurses, doctors, technologists, health record administrators, attendants, public health SOUTH EAST REGIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY JAMAICA People caring for people