Business View Caribbean | Volume 8, Issue 7

13 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 8, ISSUE 7 By Brian Bourgerie, Enterprise Manager focusing on Innovation, Investment and Entrepreneurship for Invest Puerto Rico Sitting in her home about 30 minutes outside San Juan, Puerto Rico, there are some days Samantha McGue needs a break from work. So, she jumps in her car, and in a matter of minutes she’s looking at the ocean. “It’s beautiful here. I look outside, take a break and walk out and get some vitamin D. Or I drive a couple of minutes and go experience the ocean for a minute just to calm myself,” said McGue, who works remotely as Director of People and Partnerships for HigherMe , a scrappy hiring software start-up based on the mainland United States that specializes in the high- turnover restaurant and retail sectors. “Especially through this pandemic it’s really important to ground yourself. I definitely have that here,” said McGue. “I’m able to be 10 times more productive because I’m in a very calm environment.” McGue, who moved her family to Puerto Rico full time after stints in the San Francisco Bay Area and Denver, Colorado, represents shifts in remote work driven by technology that were underway prior to the pandemic, but accelerated dramatically during the crisis. Overseeing HigherMe’s own human resources Puerto Rico Offers Prime Remote Work, Tech Job Opportunities