Business View Caribbean | Volume 8, Issue 7

44 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 8, ISSUE 7 USTRIES LIMITED F or more than half a century, Dairy Industries Jamaica Limited (DIJL) has been providing high-quality dairy products to the Caribbean and beyond. The company was established in 1964 as a joint venture between the New Zealand Dairy Board and a group of Jamaican distributors. Radcliffe Walker, DIJL’s general manager, explains, “The Company started producing canned cheese in 1968, the product appealed to a Jamaican audience because they were able to formulate it for a unique Jamaican taste.” Canned cheese was an ideal product for the Jamaican market because it is shelf-stable. “The cheese is produced in a can, you actually have to open the tin to get to the product,” says Walker. “That means that it can be stored at room temperature for long periods, one of our key value proposition. Truly convenient for areas where you do not have refrigeration A SL I CE OF JAMA I CAN CULTURE