Business View Caribbean | July 2022

35 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association 75 years and still growing strong! I n a year when businesses near and far are bouncing back with resiliency from the throes of the pandemic, the Jamaica Manufacturers & Exporters Association (JMEA) has another big reason to celebrate – the milestone 75th anniversary of its founding! A rich legacy indeed. The JMEA was formed in 2018 from the merger of the 71-year- old Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) and the 52-year- old Jamaica Exporters’ Association (JEA). Primarily, the JEA was tasked with the growth and development of non-traditional exports in Jamaica and was the main repository for all export- related information. Whereas, the JMA had key oversight on serving, promoting, and advocating for the interests of the local manufacturing sector. The well-timed merger that created JMEA has allowed the AT A GLANCE JAMAICA MANUFACTURERS & EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION (JMEA) WHAT: Industry voice of exporters, manufacturers, service providers, and MSMEs WHERE: Based in Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: