Business View Caribbean | July 2022

67 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 BLACK INK Evolution in progress B lack Ink prides itself on being a chameleon. The award- winning creative marketing and branding agency out of Kingston, Jamaica is constantly evolving, adding new services and support for its ever-growing list of clients. “It’s just a matter of being flexible over the years, being adaptive, and being a chameleon, taking on the shape, the face and the vibe of your client,” says Black Ink founder and CEO Maxine Miller. “With that, from one client to the next, we have gotten recommendations, references, and referrals from existing clients for new clients. And that’s how we’ve grown.” For more than a decade, Black Ink has been going above and beyond to meet its clients’ needs, learning, and growing as they go along. Founded in 2011 by Miller, a marketing and communication AT A GLANCE BLACK INK WHAT: An award-winning creative marketing and branding agency WHERE: Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: