Business View Caribbean | July 2022

90 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 7 MAYARO/RIO CLARO Regional Corporation T he Mayaro/Rio Claro district is Trinidad’s hidden gem, just waiting to be polished. Located along Trinidad’s eastern coast, Mayaro is home to miles of tranquil sandy beaches, soaring ocean views, and a rich canopy of palm trees. “A beautiful drive through the lush coconut trees welcomes you as you enter Mayaro from the east,” says Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation Chairman Raymond Cozier. “We have the longest beach on the island – over nine miles. It’s been a favorite holiday place for generations of Trinidadians with small hotels, guest houses, and holiday homes rented throughout the area.” But Cozier is hoping the region’s natural beauty will soon attract visitors and tourists from further outside the island. “The Mayaro brand should be effortlessly marketed and known worldwide,” he says. “I hold the view that Mayaro is the Miami of Trinidad. The potential of Mayaro is to be exploited and developed. We have just ‘ T H E M I A M I O F T R I N I D A D ’