2 3 Andre Barefield I Corner View I can’t believe it’s been 30 days since the last time we chatted. What’s even more exciting is that we actually get calls and messages from our read- ers, prior to 30 days, asking if they’ve missed delivery, and if not, when will they be receiving the upcoming edition. I mean, really? You actually can’t wait 30 days? That’s when I had to pause and ask, “What is it that we’re doing that is causing this type of interactivity with our readership? Last week, I actually sat back to reflect on that question with a glass of Havana Club Rum, and a Gordo Maduro cigar by Parolis (sorry to brand name drop, but it was a very pleasant and peaceful reflection), and I looked through the magazine from front to back, and then in reverse, and then from front to back again. And that’s when it hit me. What other publisher is able to give you an inside view of all the movers and shakers in the Caribbean from a busi- ness perspective? If you are a compet- itor, who else can show you what your competition is doing to succeed, that you may or may not be currently im- plementing (and if not, I’d get on top of that if I were you)? If you are a supplier, what other publication is able to pres- ent you with more possible customers that are actually telling you what their needs are prior to you contacting them? Which source is being allowed intimate government administration access in letting you know how and why your business is most likely to thrive in their countries, while, on the other hand, letting you know which challenges you may face before you get there, allowing you, essentially, to prepare an adequate blueprint for success in advance of your migration? Please let us know which other magazine in the Caribbean that is doing this? That’s not rhetorical…I really want to know!!! Which Caribbean publication pri- marily focuses on the business sector as opposed to what most Caribbean publications are focused on? Now, I’m not saying that anything is wrong with discussing beaches, bikinis, and mai tais, because we discuss them, as well. However, when we do, it’s all about rev- enue, manufacturing, structure, import, export, and the overall business and economic development of the subject. In other words, we are here to discuss and assist in the improvement of a strong, thriving, and powerful Carib- bean economy. We feel that we have a significant role to play when it comes to the communication, dissemination, and propagation of the Caribbean economic agenda. We don’t take this role light- ly, at all! We understand the ancient wisdoms that state, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Also, “Heavy is the head that holds the crown.” We feel there’s a lot to live up to when Google decides to send to businessviewcaribbe- everyone who asks “Who is the largest, best, or most popular executive business magazine in the Caribbean?” Now, there may be a lot of things that other magazines do better than us. Some may look better (good luck with that). Some may be more entertaining (if sports, music, and fashion are what you’re calling entertainment). Some may even be more…uhm…hmm…bet- ter…uhm, well, I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything else. However, what I know for sure is that no other publication reaches more senior level executives, and provides them with the type of editorial content that keeps them making sure that they anxiously look forward to the next edition of Business View Caribbe- an - so much so, that when 30 days roll around, they feel like it’s been far too long since the last edition. Sorry to be so blatant and cocky about it, but this is what I know, because this is what we do. And we thank you for appreciating our efforts! Until next time, plan, build, and contin- ue to prosper. APRIL/MAY 2017 Contents 44 2 CORNER VIEW 4 OPENING LINES 20 TOP 10 TRAVEL & TOURISM 26 ERROL FLYNN BOAT YARD AND MARINA The other side of jamaica ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 36 THE PORT OF BELIZE The country’s main port 44 SKY MALL Competence and convenience 52 THE GOVERNMENT OF THE U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS Governor pledges greater efficiency 60 THE V.I. NEXT GENERATION NETWORK Connecting the Virgin Islands to the world 68 THE V.I. HOUSING AUTHORITY Providing affordable housing for the territory 82 MICRO MILLING LTD. Staying the course Editor-in-Chief Al Krulick Associate Editor Lorie Steiner Vice President of Business Development Erin O’Donoghue Director of Advertising Lauren Blackwell Research Directors Paul Payne Rohan Stewart Brendan McElroy Creative Director Dana Long Vice President of Production Aimy McGrew Vice President of Publishing Andre Barefield CGO Alexander Wynne-Jones COO Brian Andersen Executive Publisher / CEO Marcus VandenBrink USA Canada Caribbean Oceania Email for all inquiries: WWW.BUSINESSVIEWMAGAZINE.COM 12559 New Brittany Blvd Fort Myers, 33907 239.220.5554 CONTACT US 68 60 36