June 2018c

82 83 THE MEDICAL PAVILION BAHAMAS T he Medical Pavilion Bahamas (TMPB) is revo- lutionizing healthcare in the Caribbean. Based on a unique “Partnered Care Model”, where all people, regardless of financial wherewithal, have access to specialized treatment for life-threatening is- sues via this special Public-Private Partnership with the Government and General Public. The Pavilion is a dream realized for Founder/President/CEO Dr. Conville Brown. More than 50 full-time medical staff and international directors, including world-renowned specialists, diagnose and treat patients, help save lives, and improve the quali- ty of life for thousands of patients every year there. Business View Caribbean recently spoke with Dr. Brown EXPERTS IN PARTNERED CARE MEDICAL PAVILION BAHAMAS THE AT A GLANCE THE MEDICAL PAVILION BAHAMAS WHAT: A medical centre for private and public patients WHERE: Nassau, Bahamas WEBSITE: www.tmp-bahamas.com