Business View Caribbean | June 2019

54 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN JUNE 2019 school for all of our staff. At Easter in Jamaica, we give out buns and cheese, which is a standard thing for many companies, here. At Christmas, we give out presents to everyone at the factory. And throughout the year we continue to do good. Every Christmas, we give a gift and treats to each of 500 kids in a less fortunate neighborhood of Kingston. “A lot of our staff weren’t raised in a family home, and we have an incentive program that tries to encourage them to save towards that. The government has a very good social housing project in Jamaica, and we have been the intermediary, where we put our staff together with the housing agency to see how we can best secure a home for them. So far, 11 of our staff have got their first home. “Success has a lot to do with relationships – with customers, suppliers, staff, the private sector, and the community. I would like to encourage people to be patriotic to manufacturing and local products, recognize value, respect one another, and build relationships – build bridges, don’t burn them.” PREFERRED VENDOR n JAMPRO S J .j ic tr e i vest. r JAMPRO is an Agency of the Government of Jamaica’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) that promotes business opportunities in export and investment to local and international businesses and entrepreneurs. In facilitating the implementation of investment and export projects, the organization is a key policy advocate and advisor to the Government in matters pertaining to the improvement of Jamaica’s business environment and the development of new industries.