Business View Caribbean | June 2022

7 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 6 Acclaimed Martinique rum distillery sets new standard in the spirits industry with unveiling of longterm ambitious commitment to eco- responsibility & social sustainability S PIRIBAM (known for providing the finest rum the Caribbean has to offer) officially launched the most significant and ongoing projects of one of their iconic brands to date - Rhum J.M: The EDDEN Project (Engagés pour le Développement Durable de nos Écosystèmes et de notre Nature), marking the revered rum distillery’s monumental progress as a global spirits producer and leader in the sustainability movement. Over the past decade, J.M has made a series of methodical developments to its sugarcane rhum distillery improving production quality in a measurable and effective effort to diminish its impact on the natural environment by utilizing key practices to hone their craft within a full circular economy. Nestled at the foot of Mount Pelée, the largest distillery of the area has been a longtime advocate of the sustainability movement in Martinique, working to address the challenges to cultivate within the area’s terroir-driven tropical climate in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner possible. The summation of their dedication to these core principles included thorough review of their environmental impact on the island of Martinique; key investments towards strict ethical green practices and eco-responsibility within a variety of initiatives such as the preservation of the region’s biodiversity; sugarcane harvesting and volcanic soil cultivation; unique water waste treatment RHUM J.M LAUNCHES: THE EDDEN PROJECT techniques; reduction of emissions by more than 90%; strict waste management protocols, shipping and supply chain efficiency; thorough audits of business practices of its closest suppliers, and investment in its team through The lovers of our rhum can be certain that behind each bottle there are passionate women and men committed to excellence, crafting our spirits within this circular economy: EDDEN OPENING L INES