March 2017 | Business View Caribbean

110 111 Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd. Paper Products Ltd. Staying on top S anmerna Paper Products Ltd. was founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 2003, by brothers Robert and Mark White. “Mark previously worked at a paper company by the name of Paper Processing Limited that was owned by Jamaica Packaging and, at the time, produced paper products,” says Robert White, the Sanmerna’s Managing Director. “I previously worked at Testron In- ternational in Atlanta, Georgia. Testron was a manufacturer of chemicals that were used to make soaps and other products for Proctor & Gamble.When Mark’s company closed down, and my company closed simultaneously, we both decided to start a company in Jamaica to manufacture paper products. Mark had exten- sive knowledge in the process of manufac- turing paper products and in sales. Hence, we combined them to form a company, Sanmerna Paper Products Limited.” Today, Sanmerna is considered to be the island’s most dominant manufacturer of paper products, including: bathroom tissue, hand towels, napkins, and medical/bed rolls. “The AT A GLANCE Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd. WHAT: A manufacturer and distributor of quality paper products WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: Sanmerna