Business View Caribbean | March 2020

39 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN MARCH 2020 T he Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range in Jamaica, dominating the eastern third of the island. Blue Mountain Peak, at 7,402 feet, is Jamaica’s highest point. Whereas the island’s average rainfall is 77 inches per year, the higher elevations of the Blue Mountains can catch moisture-laden winds which can then drop over 200 inches of rain, per year, upon them. At the bottom of the Blue Mountains is the Spring Garden Aquifer. It takes between 14 and 15 years for the rain that falls atop the Blue Mountains to funnel through the mineral rock within them and into the aquifer below, a waterway that stretches beneath the land and reaches beyond the Northern Coastal parish of Portland, Jamaica to the sea. Spring Garden is also the home of the Lifespan Company Limited. Lifespan bottles the water that gushes from one of the seven springs it owns that are connected to the Spring Garden Aquifer. The flow rate of that particular spring is over 900 gallons per minute, or 473 million gallons of water, per year. But more important than the amount of water that flows from the aquifer’s many springs, is its quality. Because water that has passed through, and been filtered by, mineral rock for a Lifespan Company Limited THE WATER TO HAVE AT A GLANCE LIFESPAN COMPANY LTD. WHAT: A bottler and exporter of natural, alkalized spring water WHERE: Spring Garden, Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica WEBSITE: