Business View Caribbean | March 2021

120 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN MARCH 2021 T he Bryden’s Group operates in a wide array of industries, supported by state- of-the-art warehousing and Distribution Centres. Headquartered in Tunapuna, Trinidad, Bryden pi Limited (Bpi) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Bryden Group that began expanding operations across the Caribbean several years ago. It was a good strategic growth move at the time, but it became especially valuable when COVID-19 hit, leaving it well positioned for the changes that have come in the wake of the pandemic. ““The world woke up and realized that people could no longer travel as we used to,” recalls Barry Tangwell, Managing Director for Bryden pi Limited. “Where a lot of companies used to have reps come into these markets, that could no longer happen, so what we were able to do was really position ourselves as a Caribbean solution – thanks to the foresight of our leadership at the time.” Bryden pi has also leveraged its business development and logistics capabilities to distribute its own private label brands. Demand for one product in particular AT A GLANCE BRYDEN PI LIMITED WHAT: A forward-thinking health care products distribution company WHERE: Tunapuna, Trinidad WEBSITE: BRYDEN pi Limited A C A R I B B E A N S O L U T I O N