Business View Caribbean | March 2021

87 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN MARCH 2021 Windward Taking care of the essentials Road W hen it comes to essential services, infrastructure is one sector that ranks high on the list of priority concerns. Whether it’s road and bridge repair, or new construction developments, the companies that do the work are critical to a region’s survival and growth. On Statia and Saba, St. Maarten-based Windward Roads Infrastructure is carrying on the maintenance and creation of critical infrastructure projects to ensure the two small islands are ready for the return of tourism – the precious lifeblood of their existence. Project Manager Paul Djasmin reports, “It’s been a crazy year and we are busy at Windward Roads!” Djasmin has the weighty responsibility of coordinating the work done by Saba Roads & Construction and Statia Roads & Construction; a division of Windward Roads Infrastructure and Construction (also a division of Janssen de Jong Caribbean). With companies active on all islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, Janssen de Jong is well AT A GLANCE WINDWARD ROADS INFRASTRUCTURE WHAT: Infrastructure construction company; part of Janssen de Jong Caribbean WHERE: Saba & St Eustatius WEBSITE: