26 27 MINISTRY OF FINANCE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - CAYMAN ISLANDS MINISTRY OF FINANCE A conversation with Hon. Minister Roy McTaggart & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - CAYMAN ISLANDS T he Cayman Islands Government is focused on providing a thriving envi- ronment in its jurisdiction where busi- nesses and individuals can prosper. As the Minister of Finance & Economic Develop- ment (FED), Hon. Roy McTaggart, JP, MLAI, states, “Unequivocally, we want businesses to succeed, for we know that when they are successful, Cay- man is successful.We dialogue regularly with our industry partners; we listen to ideas and suggestions, and we are taking positive steps to minimize red-tape that is so often a disincen- tive to the private sector.” Recently, Business View Magazine spoke with Minister McTaggart about the current financial state in the Caymans and the excellent eco- nomic future on the horizon. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation: BVM: It’s a pleasure to speak with you, Min- ister McTaggart. Could we begin with a report AT A GLANCE MINISTER HON. ROY MCTAGGART, JP, MLAI WHAT: Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (FED), Cayman Islands WHERE: Cayman Islands WEBSITE: