62 63 ARCH AND GODFREY we say we are going to do. Integrity has been the backbone of our company and we expect that everybody who works for us performs with the absolute highest level of ethics and integrity.” Co-Founder, Mike Godfrey, who has retired from the company, but retains the title of Director, adds that the firm’s internal unity has also been a factor in its success. “We have worked together as a team,” he states. “We respect each other; we have never had any disagreements over the 46 years that have affected our friendship or our business rela- tionship.” Garth reports that the company has never relied solely on its reputation – it continues to innovate and invest. “We are continually strengthening our operations and advancing our technologies,” he says. “Within the past few years, we have invested in an expansion of our office building; it is the first LEED Plat- inum building in the Cayman Islands and one of only a few across the Caribbean. It’s highly efficient.We have also, as a company, promoted sustainable development and are now build- ing Cayman’s first LEED residential community, Periwinkle Grand Harbour.We have invested in building information modeling (BIM) and we are currently using BIM technology on various projects. In addition, we are present- ly looking at expanding our operations due to the projected increase in demand in the short-term future.” With a positive economic outlook in the Cay- man Islands over the next several years, Garth says that Arch and Godfrey will remain focused on its core business–construction services.“We plan to continue what we are doing,do it well,and serve our clients to the best of our ability.We love PREFERRED VENDORS n Cox Lumber Ltd. Cox Lumber Ltd. was founded in 1949 by Linton N. Tibbetts, who purchased a half interest in the six- year old Cox Supply Company in the United States, which later became the Cox Lumber Co. Twelve years later, Tibbetts purchased the remaining half of the company and set his sights on becoming the largest independently-owned lumber and building materials supplier in the state of Florida, and the largest roof and floor truss company in the South- east United States. In 2006, the Tibbetts Family sold Cox Lumber Co. to The Home Depot after posting record sales of $396 million in 2005, with 28 loca- tions including 11 truss plants and 15 door plants in Florida and the Cayman Islands. In 2009 the Tibbetts Family decided to re-en- ter the lumber business in Florida by establishing Tibbetts Lumber Co. with one small location in St. Petersburg. Today, the company has five locations in Florida and three Cox Lumber Ltd. locations in Grand Cayman. 2015 marked a new era for Cox Lum- ber Ltd., with their newest flagship store opening in Bodden Town to support the future growth in a facility large enough to handle the construction needs across Grand Cayman for years to come. An additional facility in the industrial area of George Town, handles the building of trusses and the man- ufacturing of rebar. n Advance Fire & Plumbing Ltd. Advance Fire & Plumbing Ltd. provides engineer- ing and design services for all types of projects, including wet fire sprinkler systems, dry fire sprin- kler systems, deluge systems, foam systems, clean agent fire suppression systems, and kitchen hood systems, throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America. n Cayman Mechanical Co. what we do and as we reflect on the work that we have accomplished over nearly half a century, we are grateful for the opportunity to have played a part in the development of the Cayman Islands. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence for many years to come.” MIKE GODFREY, HEBER ARCH, AND GARTH ARCH CMC Cayman Mechanical Company A Division of Talas Mechanical Industries Ltd. #458 North Sound Way • Suite #1 • P.O. Box 10512 • Grand Cayman • KY1 - 1005•Cayman Islands • Tel: (345) 949- 6161 • Fax: (345) 949 -6104 Email: CMC Cayman Mechanical Company A Division of Talas Mechanical Industries Ltd. #458 North Sound Way • Suite #1 • P.O. Box 10512 • Grand Cayman • KY1 - 1005•Cayman Islands • Tel: (345) 949- 6161 • Fax: (345) 949 -6104 Email: CMC is a Design/Build Contractor offering you +30 years of qualified expertise in the field of HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection for all of your Commercial & Residential Construction needs. The Westin Hotel CMC would like to congratulate Arch & Godfrey on their success and recognition