Business View Caribbean | May 2019

27 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN MAY 2019 PuertoSecoBe A Guardsman Hospitality Property N ot your grandmother’s beach! Revitalized Puerto Seco Beach sits on 10 acres of beautifully landscaped property and boasts a long stretch of pristine white sand on Jamaica’s picture-perfect north coast. Unlike the Puerto Seco from years ago, the newly renovated development has been executed by Guardsman Hospitality, a subsidiary of the Guardsman Group of Companies, to provide an exquisitely appointed beach attraction with a myriad of activities on sea and land. Their well- trained and experienced team of professionals caters to individual tastes for every age and budget, promising world-class service and a must-go experience for one and all. Laura Heron, General Manager Guardsman Hospitality, explains, “While the core business of the Guardsman Group is security services, the Chairman of the company had an interest in veering off into the hospitality industry. And, really, that comes from his personality – he likes to entertain, he likes beautiful things, he likes to build and create. So, in 2014, he reached out to me to join the company to establish this arm of MORE THAN JUST A BEACH GUARDSMAN HOSPITALITY LIMITED