72 73 THE CARIBBEAN CEMENT COMPANY T he Caribbean Cement Company Ltd. of Kingston Jamaica is the oldest and largest Portland cement man- ufacturer in the country.Together with its subsidiaries, it manufactures and sells 90 percent of the cement and clinker pro- duced on the island. (Portland cement clinker, which occur as lumps or nodules formed during the cement kiln stage,when ground to a fine powder, is used as the binder in many cement products.) The company is also in- volved in the mining,manufacture, and sale of gypsum, shale, pozzolan, and anhydrite. Further, Carib Cement provides direct delivery services; technical support services to com- mercial concrete producers and blockmakers; and mobile silos to users of bulk cement. In 2016, the companymade a profit of $1.3 billion, having come a very long way from its initial conception back in 1921. “At that time, a small country like NUMBER ONE IN JAMAICA CEMENT The Caribbean COMPANY AT A GLANCE THE CARIBBEAN CEMENT COMPANY WHAT: Largest cement manufacturer in Jamaica WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: