Business View Caribbean, November/December 2018

66 67 “We also have a procedure down here called BalancedBack,” says Auman. “It’s done by a sur- geon from Chattanooga, Tennessee who comes down here once a month and brings patients from the U.S. to specialize in a spinal surgery procedure with unique, patented equipment and prosthetics that are not FDA-approved in the United States. He’s been coming down here for about a year, now, providing this very, very specialized surgery, and he’s had a great deal of success with the procedure. It’s not necessarily for the local folks, but it is available to them.” Over the last two years, Auman says that Doc- tors Hospital “has had a great deal of success DOCTORS HOSPITAL PREFERRED VENDOR n FSH Design as far as building on the basic services that make this hospital a brand name in Cayman, and our intent is to continue to pay atten- tion to our bread and butter services, making ourselves accessible to the patients on the island. I think the business is growing because we’ve also recruited a number of physicians since 2016 to join the team, and we’re go- ing to be recruiting physicians with different backgrounds to complement the staff that we have right now,” he adds. “So, over the next three or four years, you can expect us to pro- vide services in different specialist areas.”