Business View Caribbean | November 2020

26 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN NOVEMBER 2020 A s a developing island nation, Jamaica faces difficulties in assuring a balanced supply of skilled manpower. Statistics show that in 2020, just over 68% of the country’s employees were active in the service sector, leaving the agricultural and industrial economies with proportionately less in the way of human resources – just 15.69 percent and 16.23 percent, respectively. Some labour skills just don’t meet the capacity requirements for local training institutions and, even when they do, Jamaica loses a relatively large number of skilled workers to emigration every year. Such is the plight of a small island country… The Jamaican construction sector to which M&M Jamaica Ltd, one of the nation’s leading engineering contracting and management companies, belongs has been a fundamental cog in the domestic economic machine for centuries. Today, it has linkages to nearly all aspects of economic activity on the island, its slow-but-steady growth fed not only by tourism – the country’s largest foreign exchange earner – but by other sectors including housing, financial and business services, manufacturing, transportation, urban and regional planning, distribution, and government/public sector services. Because it has such strong implications for these key areas of national development, M&M Jamaica Ltd can scarcely be denied its significant and active role in the country’s process of nation-building. AT A GLANCE M&M JAMAICA LIMITED WHAT: A leading engineering contracting and management company WHERE: Kingston, Jamaica WEBSITE: ica ited Nation builders