Business View Caribbean | October 2020

49 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN OCTOBER 2020 FLOWER T he Flowers Group is one of the oldest Caymanian owned and operated businesses. Founded in 1946 by Clarence “CL” Flowers, this beloved company has evolved over almost 75 years into a collection of diverse businesses primarily run by Clarence’s three sons, Frank, Richard, and Clarence Bradley. Today, the Flowers Group encompasses everything from concrete block manufacture to polystyrene products, bulk and bottled water, aviation security and baggage handling, and outstanding real estate developments such as Cricket Square. A proud legacy has been forged from CL’s strong work ethic and simple philosophy: to be successful you have to foresee a need and supply it before anyone else; and you have to be the best. AT A GLANCE THE FLOWERS GROUP WHAT: A legacy of family-owned construction businesses WHERE: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands WEBSITE: THE GROUP A legacy of Cayman excellence