Business View Caribbean | October 2020

67 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN OCTOBER 2020 devotion to its clients. “We have a fifty-five-year track record where we’ve never, ever defaulted on a project, failed to complete a project, or had any sort of litigation with a client,” he affirms. “We do not fight with our clients; instead, we are reasonable and proactive in the solution of problems. We believe clients look for the reasonable and amiable problem solver. That, combined with our track record of high quality and aggressive, fast-paced construction, sets us apart from the rest.” Over the last few years, Venegas reports that the company had been making plans to introduce its services to areas outside of Puerto Rico. That changed suddenly in September 2017, when Hurricane Maria slammed into the island with Category 5 winds. “At Venegas, every few years, we find an opportunity for innovation and growth,” he says. “This time, it turned out to be disaster response instead of developing our same operations in other geographic areas.” “Here’s how this came about,” Venegas continues. THE VENEGAS CONSTRUCT ION CORPORAT ION