Business View Caribbean | October 2020

75 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN OCTOBER 2020 Fides Limited F ides Limited was founded in Port of Spain, Trinidad in 2007 by Shane Sagar, a former lawyer who decided that sitting in an office was not his “cup of tea” and decided to start a construction company. The new firm started small, with government contracts for things like drainage projects and retaining walls and grew, over the ensuing years, to include the construction of homes, schools, offices, medical establishments, and community buildings. Then, in 2014, Sagar and his staff saw an undeveloped niche market in Trinidad – the restoration of old buildings. The timing of the restoration projects was perfect, Sagar explains, with the Prime Minister and his Government showing a keen interest in preserving the country’s rich architectural history. It was to become a market that Fides Limited conquered with innovation and style “There were a lot of old, historical buildings, which were left abandoned or in serious state of disrepair,” Sagar recounts. “So, we formulated a plan with respect to getting specialty staff in order to get the work done. I decided the best place to look for that was Cuba, because Cuba