Business View Caribbean | October 2022

7 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 T he organization Supreme Counseling for Personal Development is looking for private sector partnerships with the roll- out of its new self improvement programmes catering to young people. During a ceremony held at the Hilton Barbados on Wednesday, chief executive officer of the non-governmental organization, Shawn Clarke, said that under the group’s Reach One, Save One initiative, Supreme Counseling has been assisting 1 570 students with personal development issues in six secondary schools across the island. However, Clarke said the organization wanted to launch two new programmes under the Reach One Save One umbrella, which would strengthen the outreach services of the organization and provide more self empowering opportunities for young people to access. The two new programmes, Family In Therapy (FIT), which focuses on the family and home and Community Assistance Programme (CAP), would engage at-risk youth at the community level in various activities. Pointing to the recent spate of gun crime amongst the youth and the stabbing incident at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology on Tuesday, Clarke said there was an urgent need for the programmes and with the help of private partners, Supreme Counseling could continue to have a positive impact in the lives of the nation’s children. Referencing a study conducted in November 2021, Clarke told the members of the audience that too many children in secondary school had a negative perception of themselves, suffered NEWYOUTH PROGRAMS NEW PRIVATE SECTOR SUPPORT While numbers suggest that the minority of these young people are engaging in antisocial acts, this minority tends to be highly-profiled, leading to fear among the general society OPENING L INES