Business View Caribbean - Oct 2023

9 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 10, ISSUE 10 OPENING L INES Preparations To Support Main Construction Works At Dominica’s International Airport On Going Source- , Caribbean New Editor, First Published September 4 th , 2023 Work continues at Dominica’s international airport as facilities to support the main construction are being built at the site. In an interview quoted by the Associate Times, the CEO of International Airport Development Company Samuel Johnson said that as soon as the equipment from China arrived last June, construction on facilities such as cement mixing and lab testing have been in the works. “So today, the work is happening in finalizing of the batch plant site where you have concrete and asphalt batching and taking this concrete storage, concrete and mixing, and then they’ll be tested in a lab testing by the contractor happening in that area as well,” Johnson said. A fuel pump is also set up at the site for easy access of fuel supply for trucks and other vehicles that are essential for the mobility of materials at the site. Johnson also said there’s an initial grubbing of the entire site, and he contractor is currently going through some revisions with the airport’s design. “So a lot of the movement you’re seeing right now is just getting ready and ensuring that that will go to the conclusion, because as you’ve said in the