Business View Caribbean September/October 2018

34 35 926 Selkirk Avenue, Pointe-Claire (Montréal) QC Canada H9R 4T7 T +1 (514) 695-0820 F +1 (514) 695-1397 Proudly serving the Caribbean for more than 30 years with: • Integrated Air Traffic Control Systems • Prefabricated VCR’s • Mobile ATC Towers • Ground-based Radio Navigation Aids (NavAids) with a lot of rivers, so flooding becomes a major concern. There is actually a river that runs under the runway, so we are doing some maintenance on our culverts, making sure that they are clean in case of any increase in precipitation or flood- ing. St. Vincent is also very balsamic. La Soufrière Volcano is just to the north of us and can give us warning, anytime. So, we’re always on our toes.” Going forward, Bourne says that his goals for Argyle are continued growth - both in passenger service as well as cargo operations; he hopes to see St. Vincent and the Grenadines become a ma- jor exporter of agricultural products and seafood. “Most people see an airport as just for passengers to move in and out,” he explains. “But it’s also for goods and services, and I would like to see us export more. Yes, improvement in our tourism and attracting a larger clientele and more passengers, but the airport is a tool that will help facilitate PREFERRED VENDORS n Canadian Bank Note The Canadian Bank Note Company is a Canadian security printing company. First established in 1897, to supply secu- rity-printed products to the Canadian government, it is best known for holding the contract with the Bank of Canada to supply it with Canada’s banknotes. The company’s other clients include private businesses, national and sub-national governments, central banks, and postal services from around the world. In addition to bank notes, the company produces passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, postage stamps, coupons, and many other security-conscious document-re- lated products. It also prints and provides document reading systems for identification cards, lottery tickets, stamps, and bank notes. n Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union n St. Vincent and the Grenadines National Insurance Services n The Aeronav Group ARGYLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT economic activity for the country. Growth in both areas will filter into the economy both directly and indirectly, so my long-term goal is not just about the airport. Once that growth is seen and sustained, it will bear fruit for the country, in general.”