34 35 THE SHERATON MALL THE MALL THAT HAS IT ALL THE SHERATON C urrently the largest and most conve- nient shopping destination in Barba- dos, Sheraton Mall is located in the Parish of Christ Church, on the south- ern coast of this Caribbean island of 286,000. In 1989, a property that was formerly owned by the Intel Corporation came up for sale, and the now deceased Mall’s co-founder, Marshall Oran, put together a group of partners and shareholders with the idea of building a shop- ping center on the site. Prior to the late 1980s, the concept of “out of town” shopping was not known to many Barbadians, and a major challenge of the venture was being accepted as a “one-stop” center for shopping outside of the city of Bridgetown. Things began to turn around in the summer of 1993, with the introduction of the Sheraton Centre Play Park. Now, the Mall was not only a convenient shopping location, but a fun place for shoppers’ children. Over the years, the Sheraton Mall has grown by leaps and bounds, living up to its slogan, “The Mall that has it All.” It houses over 120 stores, plus the largest food court on the island, a multiplex cinema, a bank, a pharmacy, du- ty-free shopping, and more. Over the years, the Mall has also become a supporter of many worthy, local causes, charities, and com- munity projects, including the Kiwanis Club, the Rotaract Club of South Barba- dos, the Living Water AT A GLANCE THE SHERATON MALL WHAT: The largest shopping destination in Barbados WHERE: Christ Church Parish, Barbados WEBSITE: MALL