42 43 SAPIAS HOLDING B.V. HOTELS AND MORE Sapias Holding B.V. S apias Holding B.V. on Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean was established in 2008 to consolidate and expand the business interests of Solar Man- agement, a company founded in 2000 by Martien & Ingrid van der Valk, focused on the hospitality sector with a concentration on the diving industry. “The core product is always tourism,” says Paul Coolen, General Manager of Buddy Dive Watersports, and son-in-law of the Van der Valks. “Hotels and accommoda- tions, in combination with the diving.” Original companies in Sapias Holding B.V. Management’s portfolio included: Bel- mar Oceanfront Apartments, a three-story building with 22 ocean-front properties in Kralendijk, acquired in 2001; Palm Trading Bonaire, an importer and re-seller of dive-re- lated equipment and gear to dive shops on Bonaire, Curacao, and Aruba, acquired in 2002; and Buddy Dive Resort, a 46-unit dive resort, also acquired in 2002, and expanded AT A GLANCE SAPIAS HOLDING B.V. WHAT: A holding company with many hotel and diving interests WHERE: Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean WEBSITE: