48 49 SAPIAS HOLDING B.V. Dive Resort, a two-lane, full-service air station, equipped with four high pressure compressors and two low pressure com- pressors, where divers unload their used tanks and load new ones. “Our current drive-thru is outdated and it’s too small, so we want to re-do that area,”he explains.“There are also plans to build an extra building with almost 40-50 extra hotel rooms on the premises.That will probably happen in two years.” In the end, Coolen asserts that Sapias Holding B.V. prospers because of its ownership and its motivated employees. “Everything comes back to family,” he declares. “It’s a big company, now, but it’s still family-owned. That’s what makes us different and we think it’s one of our strongest points. And we cannot be successful without our great staff. I can have the greatest plans, but if I don’t have people to carry out the vision, we’d be nothing.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Quest Dive Adventures Based in Roswell, Georgia, Quest Dive Adventures is a premi- um, wholesale travel company providing group and individual wholesale travel to dive stores, group and corporate entities, and technical and expeditionary groups worldwide. n MCB Bonaire