Business View Caribbean | Volume 8, Issue 9

27 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 8, ISSUE 9 J amaica’s preeminent designer and manufacturer of custom blinds and roller shades has a vision to create something that is genuinely new. Driven by the belief of delivering an experience that challenges the status quo, the Kingston-based Blinds Designs Limited team imagines a different, peaceful world filled with stress-free beauty and they strive to give you a taste of it. This decade-old family owned and operated company carries on a proud legacy of excellence. At Blinds Designs, each day comes as a learning experience and a new opportunity to improve on what ‘was’; offering custom roller shades — block-out, decorative, screen, dual shades, 2” horizontal —wood, faux wood, touch of wood, aluminium, and 1” aluminium, wood look, and perforated blinds all made from the best materials available. In 2021, Blinds Designs proudly celebrates a decade in business. Speaking of this wonderful milestone, CEO Tara McKoy says, “My parents, who are currently retired, are very proud of what we’ve accomplished. We opened in Sept. 2011 and, today, my brother Brian Fong Yee, my sister- in-law Loya Fong Yee, and I operate the business on a daily basis. We each play a different role and have our individual strengths, so we focus on what each person is good at and we get along well together. Everything is put on the table and discussed – pros and cons – whenever a decision needs to be made. The business is still family run and we created it to be more of a family setting among our staff members as well.” Initially, the firm started with 12 employees and BLINDS DESI A family legacy of inspiration