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written by BVC June 17, 2016
Señor Frog’s Nassau Ltd.

Señor Frog’s Nassau Ltd.

Unleash your fiesta!


Business View Caribbean profiles Señor Frog’s Nassau Ltd., a Themed restaurant and bar located in Nassau, Bahamas.

Grupo Anderson, a Cancun, Mexico-based collection of several restaurant concepts, was founded by Carlos Anderson in 1963. The group includes: Carlos’n Charlie’s, El Squid Roe, Harry’s, Porfirio’s, Fred’s, La Vicenta, Primehouse, and Señor Frog’s, the group’s largest and most recognized company which opened its first restaurant in Mazatlan, Mexico in 1969. The second Señor Frog’s opened in Cancun and later became the most popular and biggest money-maker in the company. Today, Grupo Anderson has outlets in Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean.

Arturo Salas is a partner of some 13 of the group’s 63 far-flung venues, including Señor Frog’s, Nassau, in the Bahamas where he is the managing partner. He says that the idea of a fun restaurant is based squarely on the character of Anderson, who once got fired from his job running a college cafeteria for throwing too many parties there. Salas started with the company in 1989 as a Señor Frog’s manager, and, as was customary under Anderson, was made a managing partner some years later. All Grupo Anderson restaurants are company-owned, with many different managing partners invested in their outlets.

Señor Frog’s Nassau has about 135 employees and its target audience, according to Salas, is American tourists. “Our clientele varies throughout the year,” he explains. “In March, we get people from college; in May we get couples; and in summer we get a lot of families.” With each group of customers, the restaurant varies its entertainment themes. “We have a balloon guy for the kids, and a bar for the ‘not-so-kids,” Salas quips. The bar seems to be Señor Frog’s main money-maker. In Mexico and the western Caribbean, it is estimated that about 65 percent of the restaurant’s revenues come from all beverage sales.

Salas says that the chain is planning to expand its footprint by opening at least 20 more restaurants in Mexico this year, but that they will be aimed at the local market, rather than tourists. The new outlets will be in cities and shopping malls as opposed to beach areas or tourist centers.

Meanwhile, Señor Frog’s Nassau will continue to offer its high-quality food served Mexican style, sponsor its many different contests and events, and continue to be the place to go for a good meal and a good time. “It’s a very unique concept,” says Salas. “It’s a place where you’re going to have a great time and it doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want to celebrate something, we get people dancing on the chairs. If you want to just relax and have a drink, this is the place to be.”


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WHO: Señor Frog’s Nassau Ltd.

WHAT: A themed restaurant and bar

WHERE: Nassau, Bahamas



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