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Business Viewers…Happy, Merry, December!!! Yep, it’s that time of year
again - the time of the year when your schedule is far tighter than it’s ever
been; your budget is increasingly more minuscule than it was at this time
last year; and your productivity happens to be at its lowest at the same exact
time that your tolerance threshold is decreasing by the millisecond! Every
bill is past due; every employee is overworked and claiming to be critically
underpaid; and every charity is standing in front of you smiling as if you’ve
promised them a brand new city of their own.
Meanwhile, you desire a vacation, but the business needs you more than
the boat you’re planning to devote some R & R to. You have projects that
are due and pressing, but your team’s vacation schedule is interfering with
the timelines. The holiday parties and ceremonies being planned are run-
ning considerably over budget, and are absolutely at the wrong times on the wrong days. And, somehow, no one
seems to notice all of these complications except for you and that one other person that you always seem to
forget how extremely valuable he or she is to you, every single year, especially during the holiday season.
That being said, I challenge you to (big breath inhale): ignore the budget and accept whatever degree of pro-
duction that you may or may not be rendering; don’t worry about your bills unless something is being severely
threatened; allow more time off; give everyone a raise; double the amount of charities and increase your dona-
tions; extend your own vacation time; send notices to your accounts that their projects may be delayed a bit
as you allow your team the time they’ve scheduled off; don’t fret about the increased holiday party budgets;
expand the number of those being honored in the ceremonies; and last but not least, show that one person on
your team that is your rock, exactly how you feel about what he or she means to you, and do it in the grandest
of fashions. This is the Business View Caribbean Challenge!
(Disclaimer: Not held liable for any business that happens to evaporate, go under, drown, suffocate, or otherwise
be penalized for bankruptcy or other legal credit issues; nor for creating spoiled and entitled staff attitudes; los-
ing clients due to ineffective project management; taking too much time off as the business is undermanaged;
and lastly, doing so much for that one person on your team so that he or she can finally retire and leave you
coming up empty while searching for someone else as valuable as he or she has been.)
Come January, I’ll be looking to see how some of you faired with that challenge. (Please be sure to reread the
disclaimer. We don’t want anyone blaming us for the possible side effects by implementing some of our sugges-
tions.) We, on the other hand, are going to keep doing things as we always have - which is to deliver information
about the businesses, governments, and people in the Caribbean that are helping to make it an empowered
region bursting with economic success. Thank you for your readership during this year’s journey, and we wish
you A Very Happy and Merry, December.
Until next year…plan, build and continue to prosper.
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