Business View Caribbean, July/August 2018

62 63 Cijntje says governmental officials will meet soon to discuss the ABC’s proposals for attracting participation from the smaller companies and truly bringing the cooperative to life, a quarter century after the concept first hit the scene. He’s hoping the government will also be open to sweetening the pot. “We’ll ask the government to create certain incentives for the cooperative so that it will be attractive for them to join,” he adds. “It will be on a voluntary basis, but it is more or less the attractiveness of the package we can offer small bus companies.When we reach a minimum of 50 percent of them (smaller companies), then we have a whole other ballgame when we talk about the services we can begin to render to the public.” Curaçao has 80,000 to 86,000 private auto- mobiles spread among its population of about 150,000 people, making for high car-density given the number of residents. Cijntje believes many of those car owners would opt to utilize public transportation if service was improved. “The major fact of this strategy when the co- operative is up and running is that the service we can render outside will be so much better and the effect will be that more people will be willing to make use of the public service,” he says. PREFERRED VENDORS n CORE N.V. CORE is a multipurpose datacenter located in Curaçao that offers IT services such as: • Cloud Services • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery • Colocation Services • Consulting Services • Network & Server Management • Software Engineering, and • Training CORE has a track record of more than 20 years, providing high quality IT services to the public and private sectors of several islands in the Caribbean. The services are designed to offer the desired level of customization to guarantee the perfect solution and fit to your organization. CORE can become your preferred partner for IT solutions and provide business continuity to your organization through its extended service portfolio. For more information visit n Volare For over 20 years, Volare has been changing transportation, alongside its passengers. The company that has innovation as it motto, develops special micro-buses for the transportation of people. Volare buses offer the best in comfort and safety, specially its tourism line, with the possibility of bus customization. Go to: and check it out. n Marcopolo n RBC Royal Bank AUTOBUSBEDRIJF CURAÇAO The seat belt saves lives. The images aremerely illustrative.See the representative in your region to learnmore aboutmodels and their settings.– on social networks:OnibusMarcopolo 7/18 Security. Comfort. Reliability. The brand Marcopolo is a synonym of a pleasant journey. Passenger’s satisfaction and your company’s image and efficiency are guaranteed in our products. The technology developed by Marcopolo for the best buses in the world are available also for the Caribbean Tay l or made So l u t i ons Images shown are for illustration purpose only.