Business View Caribbean, July/August 2018

64 65 I n 1981, the government of the Cayman Islands formed the Water and Sewerage Project Office. Its mission was to create a plan for a single body with the responsibility for all water-related matters in the country, plus the capability of providing the necessary public facilities to achieve that aim. In early 1983, the Water and Sewerage Project Office presented its plan to the government, and soon thereafter, the Water Authority of the Cayman Islands was established as a statutory body with the passage of the Water Authority Law. Today, the Water Authority of the Cayman Islands ex- ists in order: n To ensure that the entire population of the Cayman Islands have access to a pure, wholesome, and afford- able supply of potable water; and to regulate other entities who are licensed by the Government to provide THEWATER AUTHORITY OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS THE WATER AUTHORITY OF THE An Interview with Director, Dr. Gelia Frederick-van Genderen GELIA FREDERICK- VANGENDEREN