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Business View Caribbean - January 2016 7
Business Viewers! It’s good to see your bright and wildly optimistic faces, once again. This is
a moment that I look forward to every month; that moment when I get to spin around in my
desk chair, place my hands on the computer keyboard, and crank out kudos, and bravos, while
thanking all of you for being such great and loyal readers of Business View Caribbean.
All month long, we work tirelessly to make sure that you appreciate every single page in this
magazine. What I like most is when you hold us accountable for those times when there’s
a page or two that you felt could’ve been more compelling, insightful, or forthcoming. We
respond to those comments with haste and vigor. We hold meetings with everyone involved,
from the editor to the research director. We analyze, re-analyze, and even over-analyze what
we could’ve done better, as we make perpetual strides to improve with every single article,
word, and image in Business View Caribbean.
I don’t mean to sound vain or egotistical, but we are very close to perfection, if not already “spot-on!” I mean, the difference between
where we are now and absolutely perfect, is actually not even visible by the naked eye; almost unnoticeable by the critics, and those
who conspire to copy us; and virtually undetectable by any agency or device charged with the task of locating imperfections in publish-
ing standards. Quite humbly stated, we are the perfection that even the word “perfection” strives to emulate. The companies that are
chosen to be featured in Business View are perfect companies. The destinations that we suggest to visit, invest in, or start businesses
in are…well, perfect. The mistakes that we occasionally make (did I spell occasionally right?) are perfect mistakes. They’re the type of
mistakes that perfect people make when perfect people make mistakes.
I guess what I’m really trying to say is that, being perfect is hard work. However, if you ever think you see anything that looks like it may
be remotely imperfect within these pages - even though you’ll probably be wrong - we’ll look deep into it, and then contact you to let
you know why you may have been a bit off-base in what you saw as a flaw. However, it will remind us of how close we may have come
to doing something wrong. (That thought of non-perfection keeps us up late, and I even had a nightmare last night that we misspelled
the word “humble,” when writing about the demeanor we exude as a perfect magazine.)
That is all said to say that we’re pretty good at what we do. (Did I happen to mention that no one can duplicate us?) I guess that means
we’re pretty much the best magazine in the world. But, we don’t like to pat ourselves on the back; we’d rather you did it! And, as I start
to conclude this rant, I think this is the part where I’m supposed to say “I’m just kidding!” However, if I did that, then I would hurt our
perfect reputation, because I’m not kidding. We’re every bit as great as I said we are. Although, I know, it’s not very polite to say so,
I’m fairly confident that if we don’t say it, no one else will! That’s the truth, and I’m sticking with it!
Okay, I know, I went a little too far into La La Land there, but the truth is that perfection is our goal, and with your input, suggestions,
and corrections, we’re extremely optimistic that we’ll reach La La Land soon enough. So, go ahead and take a look inside to see what
we’ve got lined up for you this month, I’m sure you’ll agree…it’s absolutely perfect!
Until next time: Plan, build, and continue to prosper.
Andre Barefield
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