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Business View Caribbean - March 2016 11
and JICA is requested utilizing Japan’s experiences
and technologies.
Senior advisor for JICA, Tadayuki Ogawa, said that
he was very pleased to begin cooperation with St
Kitts and Nevis. “Today, I am very pleased to attend
this meeting to sign the document, what we call
minutes of meetings between Japan International
Cooperation Agency and the ministry of public infra-
structure, posts, urban development and transport,
as well as witnesses from SKELEC (St Kitts Electric-
ity Co. Ltd) and NEVLEC (Nevis Electricity Company
Co. Ltd),” Ogawa said.
“We are aware; we recognize that your country is
facing challenges of energy supply because you
are very much dependent on the imported fossil
fuel and fluctuating price of the crude oil market.
We hope that we will be able to assist the country
through this technical cooperation through introduc-
ing renewable energies and also promoting energy
efficiencies,” Ogawa added, while emphasizing
that Japan has over 6,000 islands and is one of the
world’s leading developers of renewable energies
and indigenous technologies. “We wish that we
will be able to transfer some of these technologies
to your country so that St Kitts and Nevis will be able
to utilize these technologies as much as possible to
achieve its goal in energy supply,” he continued.
The project between JICA and the ministry of public
infrastructure, posts, urban development and trans-
port, will run for three years, from July 2016 to June
2019. The joint cooperation will include the dispatch
of six Japanese experts to St. Kitts and Nevis, with
Japan providing accommodation, and transport and
St. Kitts and Nevis providing office space. Japan will
provide training for local staff in Japan in the areas of
micro-grid system including grid stabilization tech-
nology and policies and technologies for energy ef-
ficiency promotion. The final project document will
be signed in two months.
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