Business View Caribbean | October 2022

26 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 Barbados is that it helps the country inch closer to its 100% renewable energy target scheduled for 2030. “Barbados is experimenting with different renewable energy technologies. We are converting all cars to electric, harnessing solar, wind, and tidal energy sources, and exploring newer technologies like transparent PV panels that can be placed high up and allow the land below to be used for farming.” “Those are all the things Barbados is doing to transform itself into a modern, sustainable economy, and Hope Inc’s work is just one plank in that platform,” concludes Hoyos. PREFERRED VENDORS/ PARTNERS n Rayside Construction Limited Rayside has over six decades of experience providing various construction products to the Barbadian market. Driven by customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to supplying various sized aggregates, ready mix concrete and concrete blocks… with precision and quality that lasts . n Fiberpol Inc. n Kooyman n Natron Inc. ney-at-Law              € ‚  ƒ „…