Business View Caribbean | October 2022

25 BUSINESS VIEW CARIBBEAN VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 As Hoyos explains, one innovation the company is exploring is using modular sewerage plants for each block of homes it constructs. “City-based construction projects tend to benefit from a centralized sewer system, but when you move inland, builders rely on wells for water and septic tanks for discharge.” “Our approach is to build smaller, more affordable wastewater treatment plants that can capture and treat discharge to an agricultural grade, which we can then sell to the surrounding farms for agricultural purposes.” Project Progress Hope Inc’s flagship project is Vespera Gardens, a 160-house development slated for completion by the end of 2022. Other projects earmarked to start construction this year are a 201-house project called Pool North in Saint John, an 80-house one called Fustic Gardens, and a significant development in Christ Church with two thousand units. “Vespera Gardens is almost complete, and we are just putting in the electricity before handing them over to the new owners,” says Hoyos. Looking Forward: Challenges and Opportunities Looking forward, Hoyos says that the main challenge the company will face is finding suitable land to build homes in an island nation with limited land. “In the wake of Covid and the supply chain challenges that emerged, food security has become a major concern for the Barbadian government, which has trained its sights on utilizing all arable land,” he explains. “So, there’s a lot of competition for available land between housing, agriculture, and roads, but with proper management and utilization of all unused land, we can balance everything.” Another reason Hope Inc’s project is so pivotal to HOPE INC Michelle King-COO, Lindelle Earle-Finance Manager, Valentina Blackman- Attorn