About Us

Business View Caribbean is a global leader in multi-platform business-to-business profiles, news and opinion. With more than 44,000 executive subscribers throughout the Caribbean, Business View is read by some of the most influential decision-makers driving our economy. Business View’s unique approach is to detail the inner workings of the most influential companies and leaders today.

Few other platforms offer the same detail and perspective on the operations, systems and drivers of these key organizations.

Business View is a true multi-platform digital media source utilizing the advanced forms of electronic promotion such as web, social media, search engine optimization, smart phone and tablet.

Our coverage extends to a broad range of industries – including but not limited to franchising, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, green business, food & beverage, energy supply, supply chain & logistics and public sector. By partnering with governing bodies overseeing these industries we are able to ensure content is reliable, relevant, newsworthy and timely.

The Business View executive team is a combination of more than 30 years of direct digital publishing experience. We are internally governed by a set of core values rounded out by following statement:

Integrity is paramount and we will never compromise it.

Our Editorial Staff

Al Krulick

Associate Editor
Lorie Lee Steiner

Vice President of Operations
Lauren Blackwell

Research Directors
Lisa Curry

Tom Hiley

Brendan McElroy

Matt Mitchell

Paul Payne

Samantha Zukowski

Creative Director
Todd Calfee

Production Manager
Jon Bartlow

Vice President of Production
Aimy McGrew

Alexander Wynne-Jones

Brian Andersen

Executive Publisher/CEO
Marcus VandenBrink