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34 March 2016 - Business View Caribbean
The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort
A piece of paradise
The island of Curacao sits approximately 40 miles
north of the Venezuelan coast in the southern Carib-
bean Sea. This former Dutch colony is known for its
beautiful beaches tucked into coves and its expansive
coral reefs rich with marine life. Among its many fine
hotels is the award-winning Royal Sea Aquarium Re-
sort, founded in 2001, on a man-made, private island
on Curacao’s southwestern shore.
According to Estela Villanueva, the resort’s General
Manager, the Royal Sea Aquarium Resort was mod-
eled after a Royal Resort that its developer saw while
visiting Mexico. It was erected next door to Curacao’s
Sea Aquarium, which was also built on man-made
land on a shallow basin near the coast line, and now
is home to one of Curacao’s most popular tourist at-
tractions. The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort is made up
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