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38 March 2016 - Business View Caribbean
Energy Chamber of Trinidad
and Tobago
Serving the island’s oil, gas, and petrochemical sector
The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, founded
in 1956, is an independent, apolitical organization that
represents the country’s oil, gas, petrochemical, and
heavy industrial sectors. The Chamber has about 400
members, including the island’s major exploration, op-
erator, and production companies. It is governed by a
seventeen-member Board elected by its membership,
while its day-to-day operations are the responsibility of
Dr. Thackwray Driver, the Chamber’s current President
and Chief Executive Officer.
The following is the text of a recent conversation be-
tween Dr. Driver and Business View Caribbean, touch-
ing upon a variety of subjects, including the Chamber’s
mandate, the current condition of the country’s oil and
gas industries, and Dr. Driver’s outlook concerning the
future of the sector.
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