written by BVC July 11, 2022

Some 1,000 direct jobs and hundreds more indirect jobs are about to be created on Grand Bahama as Carnival Cruise Line prepares to officially open a cruise port on the island.

Grand Bahama, just one of The Bahamas’ 700 islands and cays and its second most populated, has
remained economically challenged for years. The nation’s government has struggled to find and retain the kind of business and investment activities that would get the island affectionately called The Bahamas’ “second capital” back on its feet and bring Grand Bahama jobs and opportunities that have been much-needed.

With Carnival Cruise Line opting to launch a cruise port there, promising to bring jobs and economic
activity, The Bahamas has hope once again for a positive turnaround on Grand Bahama.

Caribbean Employment Services Inc., one of the region’s leading online talent acquisition services and
online job boards, is eager to see the opportunities this new development will bring to the island, and
the dozens of jobs that will be created as a result. We look forward to connecting employers with the top talent in this industry and welcome the economic spark Carnival will deliver for Grand Bahama.

Carnival Cruise Line officially broke ground on its Grand Bahama cruise port in mid-May at a festive
ceremony attended by company representatives as well as local government officials.

In a statement, the government explained, “The government of The Bahamas, Carnival Cruise Line and
Grand Bahama Port Authority worked together to bring this project to life. The $200 million port investment is marked to bring about 1,000 permanent jobs for Grand Bahama, entrepreneurial opportunities and hundreds of construction jobs for skilled labourers. The new Carnival Cruise Port will provide an economic boost for the people of Grand Bahama and a high-quality experience for their visitors.”

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis lauded the many jobs opportunities that will be created alongside
the Carnival Cruise Port on Grand Bahama. He said, “With the start of this Carnival project, Grand Bahama is now on the better side of reaching its true economic potential. This investment will provide much-needed jobs, but will also signal new hope for the island’s recovery.”

For her part, Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said her organization is looking forward to
continued partnership with The Bahamas and the mutually beneficial economic success to be garnered
from it.

“As we celebrate our 50-year partnership with The Bahamas,” said Duffy, “today’s ground breaking on
our incredible new Grand Bahama destination represents an opportunity to collaborate with the
government and people of Grand Bahama — to contribute to the local economy through job and
business opportunities and further expand our experience offerings for our guests, who will have a
breathtaking new port of call to enjoy.”

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