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written by BVC April 30, 2024

Royal Aruba Aloe

Cultivating Tradition While Embracing the Future


Blending heritage with modern innovation to redefine skincare excellence on a global stage.

Royal Aruba Aloe embodies heritage and innovation in Aloe vera-based products. With its roots deeply entrenched in the rich soil of Aruba since 1890, Royal Aruba Aloe has blossomed into a significant player on the global stage. “We began as a modest operation focused on aloe,” Doctor Coats, the Managing Director, recalls, painting a picture of humble beginnings.

By the dawn of the new millennium, Royal Aruba Aloe had already begun to shift its focus towards the cosmetic arena, diversifying its offerings with an array of products that speak volumes of innovation and quality. Doctor Coats enthusiastically shares, “At the end of the 20th century, we ventured into cosmetics, distributing our sunburn creams and other products in over 55 countries.”

At the heart of Royal Aruba Aloe’s success is its focus on authenticity and sustainability. “All our products are made right here in Aruba, from Aloe vera harvested from our fields,” Doctor Coats asserts. “We also operate 17 stores across Aruba and have established a strong online presence in the United States and Europe, catering to a vast audience with our extensive range of products.” This vertical integration ensures that each item in their portfolio is imbued with the purity and potency of Aloe vera and made available to the company’s vast clientele.

After over a century of operation, Royal Aruba Aloe is 100% locally owned, has over 140 employees, and is based in Hato, Aruba. With more than 350 product items, an annual production exceeding five million units, and distribution across 55 countries, it remains at the forefront of Aloe vera innovation, continuously proving that even a company from a small island can achieve global acclaim.


Sustainability in Skincare

In a world increasingly conscious of its ecological footprint, Royal Aruba Aloe emerges as a vanguard of sustainability within the cosmetics industry.

“We strive to be as sustainable as possible,” begins Doctor Coats, outlining Royal Aruba Aloe’s multifaceted approach to minimizing its environmental impact. The company harnesses solar energy, producing electricity to power its operations, a nod to Aruba’s abundant sunshine and innovative spirit.

The journey towards sustainability doesn’t stop with solar panels. “After processing, we repurpose aloe leftovers as mulch for our fields,” Doctor Coats explains a component of a circular economy. This practice reduces waste and enriches the soil, enhancing the growth of the next aloe generation. Recycling extends beyond the fields into the company itself, transforming waste from production into valuable resources for the company and its products.

“In terms of packaging, we prioritize materials that are at least 70% post-consumer resins,” Doctor Coats adds. This effort to incorporate recycled materials into their packaging reflects a broader industry trend towards sustainability, but Royal Aruba Aloe distinguishes itself by setting a high bar for environmental responsibility.

Turning to the product’s composition, Doctor Coats proudly states, “All our products are vegan, and we lean heavily towards natural ingredients.” The company adheres to and seeks to surpass international standards for natural and clean cosmetics. It draws from a global palette of guidelines to ensure its offerings are beneficial for the skin and also kind to the planet.

Asked about the source of these guidelines, Doctor Coats clarifies, “We use guidelines from various global entities, from retail giants to other cosmetics manufacturers.” This approach allows Royal Aruba Aloe to remain at the forefront of the natural and clean beauty movement, constantly innovating and adapting to embody the highest sustainability and product integrity standards. Royal Aruba Aloe reinforces its legacy as an environmentally conscious brand through these practices, proving that business success and ecological stewardship can go hand in hand.

Bridging Tradition with Innovation

When it comes to skincare, the marriage of age-old remedies with cutting-edge science represents a delicate dance between respecting heritage and embracing progress. Royal Aruba Aloe exemplifies this balance, weaving the ancient virtues of Aloe vera into products that meet the contemporary consumer’s needs for efficacy and ethical production.

Doctor Coats elaborates on this harmonious blend, “We always aim to harness the best of both worlds, integrating traditional healing properties of the aloe plant with modern scientific research.” This approach has enabled the company to innovate within the cosmetics industry without losing sight of the natural benefits recognized for millennia. Aloe vera’s storied history as a healing agent remains at the core of their product lineup, celebrated for its soothing and therapeutic properties.

One of the most compelling illustrations of this synergy is the development of medical-grade products designed for burn patients. “We’ve successfully incorporated ancient remedies into our offerings, and our burn creams show this,” says Doctor Coats. These products, designed to minimize scarring and redness, are grounded in traditional use but have been refined through rigorous scientific validation. “In collaboration with the burn clinic of Ghent in Belgium, our formulations have been enhanced with the latest advancements in skincare technology,” Doctor Coats reveals, highlighting the international effort to elevate the efficacy of their products.

The partnership with the University of Ghent is noteworthy, emphasizing Royal Aruba Aloe’s dedication to scientific excellence. “Our work with Ghent, especially regarding our burn treatment products, exemplifies our commitment to marrying our rich heritage with the frontiers of modern science,” Doctor Coats states. This strategic blend of local innovation and global research collaborations has positioned Royal Aruba Aloe as a leader in the skincare industry, adept at nurturing the legacy of Aloe vera while steering its applications into the future.

Navigating Trends with Integrity

In an industry as fast-paced and ever-changing as cosmetics, staying abreast of trends while ensuring product quality poses a unique challenge. Royal Aruba Aloe addresses this conundrum head-on, combining diligent research with a principled approach to innovation.

“Our R&D is multifaceted, with teams in Aruba and Amsterdam and a specific focus on leveraging university research for product enhancement,” he notes. The Aruba team is deeply immersed in developing products that stay true to the brand’s roots, while the Amsterdam contingent scouts the horizon for emerging trends and opportunities to infuse new life into traditional remedies.

“We closely monitor industry trends, a task primarily undertaken by our Amsterdam team,” Doctor Coats reveals. This vigilance allows Royal Aruba Aloe to sift through the noise, identifying trends worth pursuing. However, Coats is quick to caution against mindlessly following every new direction. “We distance ourselves from trends that are more about marketing than science. We focus on ingredients and practices backed by clinical research,” he asserts, emphasizing a commitment to evidence over hype.

In exploring current trends that have captured the company’s attention, Doctor Coats points to sustainability and scientifically proven ingredients as critical focus areas. “At recent industry conferences, like CosmoProf in Bologna, the push towards recycled materials for packaging and the continuous importance of aloe vera in products stood out,” he notes. These observations underscore a broader industry movement towards environmental responsibility and substantiated claims about product effectiveness—trends that Royal Aruba Aloe can navigate thanks to its foundational practices.


A Diverse Portfolio Meeting Modern Needs

Royal Aruba Aloe’s product range reflects an intricate understanding of consumer desires and skincare needs, showcasing an impressive array of items designed to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate the skin from head to toe.

“We boast several product lines, including deodorants, sunscreens, and hair care products, along with a full range of facial skincare items,” Doctor Coats outlines, mapping the expansive reach of their offerings. From shampoos and conditioners tailored for hair vitality to lotions and cleansers designed for facial care, each product is infused with the healing properties of Aloe vera. Including SPF in day creams further signifies the brand’s dedication to protecting skin against environmental stressors.

For instance, the premium Island remedy line stands out for its specialized formulations. “This line includes superior body lotions, body washes, and hand care products, embodying the essence of Aruban tradition and natural healing,” Doctor Coats states. The mention of hand sanitizers and the burn cream line as a medical device further illustrates the brand’s responsiveness to contemporary needs while leveraging its heritage as a trusted remedy provider.

A Future of Innovation and Honor

As Royal Aruba Aloe looks towards the horizon, its strategic initiatives and projects reveal a brand at the pinnacle of innovation, keen to expand its global footprint while honoring its rich heritage. Doctor Coats shares an exciting development that’s been kept under wraps:

“We are in the throes of developing an international line targeted primarily for the European market.” This new venture, set to debut in stores across Europe, signifies a significant leap for the brand, pointing out its adaptability and global appeal. “It’s a collection of about 15 products,” Doctor Coats reveals, hinting at the scale and diversity of this upcoming line, representing the company’s most significant endeavor to date.

Doctor Coats also touches on a remarkable accolade that Royal Aruba Aloe recently received. “We’ve been granted the prestigious title of a royal company by the Kingdom of Holland, aligning us with esteemed companies like Shell and Unilever,” he states with evident pride. This rare honor, bestowed upon only a select few companies worldwide, is a nod to Royal Aruba Aloe’s excellence and contributions to the industry and community. “Being recognized as a royal company is not just an honor; it reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.”

The process to achieve this status was neither quick nor easy. “The journey to becoming Royal Aruba Aloe spanned eight years, involving rigorous scrutiny and a detailed application process,” Doctor Coats explains. This accolade is not simply handed out but earned through dedication, history, and adherence to high standards, further cementing Royal Aruba Aloe’s position as a skin care industry leader.

With its new designation, the company now stands on the cusp of a new era as Royal Aruba Aloe as it prepares to introduce its international line. These initiatives and accolades showcase a brand that respects its roots and bravely innovates for the future, ensuring that Royal Aruba Aloe remains synonymous with excellence in skincare and beyond.


Royal Aruba Aloe

What: A leading innovator and provider of Aloe vera-based skin care products, blending traditional remedies with modern scientific research.

Where: Hato, Aruba



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