American Canadian School Of Medicine In Dominica Welcomes First Batch Of Students

written by BVC January 3, 2024

SOURCE:, News Editor, Dec 04

The school year for Dominica’s newest private medical school has officially begun as it welcomed students from all over the world this week.

A total of nine students enrolled at the American Canadian School of Medicine (ACSOM), a premier institution that replaced the Ross University School of Medicine in Picard, Portsmouth.

Ross University was the longest existing medical school in Dominica that operated for more than four decades until it stopped accepting students for four years.

At his address at the white coat ceremony last August 13, ACSOM President Casey James stressed that the institution “extends beyond producing exceptional physicians; it aspires to elevate healthcare standards within Dominica and beyond.”

“For decades, Dominica has proven to be an exceptional location for medical education,” James said as quoted by Dominica News Online. “Dominica’s healthcare system has provided medical students with many of their first and most impactful experiences as student learners.”

James also thanked support given by the government of Dominica in the foundation of ACSOM. “It bridges resources for our shared mission for advancing health care,” he said.

ACSOM has been accredited by internationally recognised agencies such as the International Accreditation Registry (IAR) and the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM).

The newly-opened medical school is just one of the many institutions that Dominica has launched to enhance its capacity to provide sustainable medical and healthcare support not only to its residents but also to its international stakeholders.

Two new hospitals in Dominica are operating smoothly: the Dominica China Friendship Hospital is almost completed, and the new Marigot Hospital boasts state-of-the-art medical equipment and furnishings to better cater to the needs of patients. The construction of the new Reginald Armour Hospital, which will also be in Portsmouth, will commence soon.

Dominica’s long standing developer, MMC Development Ltd., spearheaded the construction of the New Marigot Hospital, with funding mostly coming from Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme. MMC Development Ltd. is also in charge of the development of the other twelve health and wellness centres across the island.

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