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Business View Caribbean - January 2016 7
Here we go again! Another peek into the corporations, destinations, and govern-
ments that just happen to inhabit the most beautiful region in the entire world:
the Caribbean! Well, I’m certain that someone is going to take issue with my com-
pletely unbiased , and accurate, yet understated proclamation. However, to that
person, I simply say, “Dare to visit and then--let’s have this discussion again.” But I
have a feeling I’m “preaching to the choir” as the saying goes. Many of you reading
Business View Caribbean on a monthly basis are already aware of the beauty and
character that the Caribbean exudes. In fact, some of you have never left the warm
and comfortable lap of luxury that makes it what it is, while others have simply
travelled to the Caribbean for a brief visit and have yet to return to your friends and
family back home.
The fact is, that while exceedingly beautiful, the Caribbean is also home to some
of the most forward-thinking and incredibly innovative companies in the world - everything from style to delicacies, from
sprits to song lyrics (which in many cases just so happen to go hand in hand), and from sugar and spice to everything nice.
It’s the reason that Business View Caribbean has more content than it knows what to do with and will continue to bring
you the various companies that are molding and shaping the region’s future.
The most beautiful part of that equation is counting up how many of these companies are recognizing the impact that
Business View Caribbean wields. We’re having ministers of various governments contacting us with concepts and ideas
to assist in the dissemination of optimistic information for the citizens of their countries; we’re being invited to the most
prominent events, conventions, and summits; we’re being quoted in other reputable publications; and we’re being ref-
erenced as the authority voice for Caribbean executives. Our competitors are choosing to clone us, rather than compete
with us, and our naysayers are now yaysayers. And our yaysayers are shouting much louder “heys” and “yays” than ever!
Business View Caribbean sees the beauty in business and feels the love in “devotion to duty.” We’re aware of the excite-
ment in rapid production, and the awesome oneness of mass manufacturing. We appreciate the synergy of supply chain
and logistics, merging with the practical ideology of renewable energies, public utilities, and the impossible possibilities
of each and every government embracing it all and adopting it without objection or obstruction by political influences that
would oppose the beneficial beautification and unification in the wonderful world of the Caribbean.
Oops, oh well…I did it again! I get on a tangent, and I don’t get off until I’ve written far too much to write another word. So,
I hope I didn’t twist your tongue, or sprain your brain too much. But we here at Business View Caribbean speak our minds
without minding our speech because this way we can always give you an accurate Business View.
So, until next time: build, plan, and continue to prosper.
Andre Barefield
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