BVC Feb 2016 - page 14

14 February 2016 - Business View Caribbean
Barbados Continues to
Diversify its Economy
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart says his government
is continuing to diversify the Barbados economy to
ensure that the country is not dependent on any
one sector. He made the comments recently to a
group of tourists attending a repeat visitors recep-
tion. Government officials present included minis-
ter of tourism, Richard Sealy; and minister of Labor,
Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo.
Stuart said the tourism industry led the economy,
and the ministry of tourism was interested in devel-
oping increased traffic from different destinations,
including Norway. However, he noted that the gov-
ernment was also hard at work trying to put in place
mechanisms for the use of renewable energy sourc-
es. In addition, he stated, the cultural industries
were being developed so the talents of Barbadians
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