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24 February 2016 - Business View Caribbean
speaking countries. There is no doubt that Puerto Rico and its neighboring
countries have the capability to create transformative changes at interna-
tional and hemispheric levels that will influence and shape economic trade
As a step in that direction, I want to propose the development of a regional
and cooperative model for tourism that includes Puerto Rico as a strategic
partner to propel growth locally and abroad. Our international airport handles
thousands of direct flights to all major cities in the U.S. and top destinations
in Europe and Latin America. We have reclaimed the position of main hub
for the Inter-Caribbean network. In the last two years, Puerto Rico welcomed
new regional routes and restored connections to 14 islands in the Caribbean
through commercial agreements with Seaborne, Cape Air, InterCaribbean Air-
ways, and Winnair, among others.
Cruise ship visits are also on the rise. Earlier this year we set a new record of
18,000 passengers in one day. In 2016, we will receive the two largest cruise
ship boats from the Royal Caribbean line, each with a capacity of 6,300 pas-
sengers. This is an opportunity that expands beyond our shores.
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