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18 February 2016 - Business View Caribbean
St. Barts Named the Most Expensive
Destination in the Caribbean
The island of St. Barts has been named the most
expensive destination in the Caribbean for accom-
modation, according to a new survey by TravelMag.
com. The French-speaking island, whose full name
is St. Barthélemy, took the number one spot for its
lodging costs during February – a month that is con-
sidered high season across the Caribbean.
A total of 30 Caribbean islands were included in
the survey, which analyzed the average cost of the
cheapest available double room in hotels and re-
sorts with at least a 3-star rating. To stay overnight
in St. Barts’ least expensive double room, a guest
can expect to spend an average of $324 this Febru-
ary. Second in the survey was Anguilla, with an aver-
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