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Business View Caribbean - February 2016 25
Tapping into the cruise industry’s full potential is part
of our strategic plan to increase passenger arrivals to
our Island. Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) sta-
tistics forecast we will end this past fiscal year with a
14 percent increase, for a total of 1.5 million visitors.
The upward trend is expected to continue with a 16
percent increase of passengers in the current fiscal
year. We should all form a partnership to grow this im-
portant segment of the tourism economy.
In addition, we are making important inroads in medi-
cal tourism, not only by strengthening our local offer
with board-certified physicians in most specialties
but also by attracting major players from the United
States. Currently, we have 14 top-rated, local providers
with many more seeking the proper certification. Six
U.S.-based companies have taken advantage of our
tax-incentive laws to open back offices in the island
and are expected to open full-service clinics in the im-
mediate future. Among them are Lumix Health, Miami
Medical Solutions, and Next Health.
Times are ripe with opportunity. The rhythm of life is
fast and intense and only those with the right tools will
reap the benefits. We must adopt, adapt, and strat-
egize at the speed of light.
I have the finger on the pulse of Puerto Rico’s econo-
my, and if we keep playing the cards right, Puerto Rico
will become the Hong Kong of the Caribbean for those
with an entrepreneur thirst, the Wall Street of the Ca-
ribbean for those with a keen business vision, and the
Las Vegas of the Caribbean for the free-spirited.
Puerto Rico, closer than Singapore and more competi-
tive than Miami! We are open for business. Let’s do it
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