Dominica Reaches 36% Of Its Total Target Of 5,000 Resilient Homes By 2030

written by BVC October 31, 2023

***Source, Caribbean New Editor, First Published Sept, 4, 2023

The Dominican government is on a determined path to construct 5,000 resilient homes by 2030, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the establishment of resilient communities.

At the budget hearing for the 2023/24 fiscal year, Dominica’s Ministry of Housing and Development revealed that it has completed the construction of 1,811 homes, marking a significant milestone at approximately 36% of the overall target.

This ambitious endeavor has been executed under the aegis of the Housing Recovery Project (HRP) in Dominica, with component projects that caters to specific needs of its citizens.

Melissa Poponne Skerrit, in her capacity, provided an insightful update on several government initiatives within the housing sector.

Firstly, HRP was revamped to enhance its efficiency and transparency. As for the funding from the World Bank program, its assistance has been extended for an additional 18 months from originally concluding in December.

An allocation of XCD 140,000 has also been set aside for the construction of these resilient houses.

With a target of 420 homes to be built, the government has approved over 350 planning applications, and contracts have been awarded to 282 local contractors. Notably, 152 families have received hurricane and earthquake-resistant houses through this initiative, creating employment opportunities for 54 local contractors.

The government has also set its sights on initiating the construction of the inaugural set of modern homes in the Warner Area through their Future Housing Program, which has garnered an impressive 2,000 applications.

In anticipation of the hurricane season, the government expedited the handover of homes, distributing 47 keys to new homeowners. Additionally, 11 homeowners received keys to their reconstructed homes in Dominica’s Grandbay.

A notable achievement has been the construction of 36 resilient homes, which are now occupied by Kalinago families.

A large part of this housing initiative is done in partnership with MMC Development Ltd., a private developing company that has been working closely with the government for almost a decade now. The projects they handle are financed through the nation’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program and established through a Public-Private Partnership. This government-led endeavor has a primary objective of delivering contemporary, cohesive housing solutions to families with low and moderate incomes.

Dr. Anthony Haiden, CEO and President of MMC, has previously underscored the paramount importance of sustainability in all their undertakings.

“We meticulously consider various factors during the design, construction, and management phases. MMC ensures the adoption of the most appropriate and environmentally-friendly methods.”

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